We’ve spent over twenty years both developing and teaching others to build curriculum, both for FE and HE courses.
Our courses include:

  • Personal mountaincraft course at Level 3
  • Mentoring trainee teachers at Level 5
  • Introduction to Curriculum Development for Blended Learning (10 and 20 credit modules) at Level 5

We can take you through the entire pre-planning, mapping and validation process, including

  • the correct writing of learning outcomes at any level
  • the use of the qualification levels
  • balancing teaching and learning into units of credit (SQF and EQF)
  • the use of the QAA Subject Benchmark Statements (HE courses)
  • constructive alignment (See Biggs 2003)
    We can also help with the writing of schemes of learning, lesson plans and assessment strategies.

Biggs, J.B. (2003). Teaching for quality learning at university. Buckingham: Open University Press/Society for Research into
Higher Education. (Second edition)