Our work covers two main areas:

  • Providing courses of learning which are designed and/or delivered by ourselves:
    • ‘Deliver’ means learning provided through an online platform or face to face or a mixture of both (blended learning);
    • ‘Online’ means coursework completely delivered through a learning management system (LMS) such as Moodle;
    • ‘Blended’ means coursework delivered both through face to face methods and via a learning management system (LMS) such as Moodle;
  • Courses of learning have a set price and a fixed duration;
  • Course design and planning is separate from course delivery;
  • Contracting for the teaching or delivery of a course of learning does not include the ownership of the teaching and learning materials nor the intellectual property rights (IPR) to reuse or resell the teaching materials;
  • The IPR of teaching and learning materials always stays with us, and the use of any materials and activities developed by us by a third or fourth party is always subject to a license per use payment.
  • Consultancy work.
    • Consultancy work covers a range of face to face and desktop activities.
    • Everything is agreed, in writing, before the expense is incurred. The work we do in planning and delivering an educational project includes (but this is not an exclusive list) the following activities:

Planning and delivery

Projects vary, from design, commission, sourcing, outsourcing and delivery. In the consultation stage we’ll look at a range of options with you to ensure we meet your needs. These include (but not exclusively);

  • Consultancy, preparation and client liaison
  • Draft and final project planning
  • Project management
  • Project write-ups
  • Preparing teaching materials (online and classroom)
    • Face to face courses need a day’s preparation for every five days of taught delivery;
    • Online delivery preparation equates to ten hours preparation for one hour of online learning;
    • It’s cheaper to use our learning platform than yours; using yours requires a licence for our package.
  • Preparing and delivering face to face teaching sessions
    • A session is morning (8:00 – 12:00), afternoon (13:00 – 17:00) or an evening (18:00 – 22:00)
    • One tutor is not expected to deliver more than two sessions in any one day
    • Times are for guidance and will be varied to meet any religious or local observances
    • The working week is five days varied to meet any religious or local observances.
  • We can support assessment such as marking work, assessing performance such as teaching practice, or designing assessment activities (formative, summative or ipsative).
    • Marking work has a price per item and this depends on the credit level of the work marked, and the volume of work being considered.
  • We can provide training in designing, delivering and assessing learning.
  • We can provide External Examiner services


We’re always precise with expenses since they can wreck a budget. As far as we can we will let you know the predictive cost. If the activity is high risk, we’ll add a percentage risk factor loading to protect ourselves. If the risk doesn’t materialise you’ll get an actual cost charge. Expect to consider the following charges:

  1. Work in the UK – standard session price plus development charges
  2. Work overseas
    1. Overseas working rates are always higher than UK rates
    2. This will include overseas business insurance, currency fees, mobile phone charges (usually a local SIM card), airport parking
  3. Travel expenses
  4. Accommodation
  5. Subsistence
  6. ‘Lay over days’ where the trainer is in-country but not delivering.

Calculating baseline claims

We use the following sources to calculate claims:

Can you haggle? You’re welcome to try …