Any information that you are asked to supply for the purposes of research will be processed in accordance with the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. We do not collect any information that is unnecessary, and if you are asked to give personal details, this is to help make sure that surveys are representative, or to understand how different groups are represented. For example you may be asked to give your age and ethnic origin. This is to make sure that surveys are representative of the people who are consulted in the survey.

  1. Any information you are asked to give will be fairly and lawfully processed;
  2. The information will be used only for the purposes stated in the introduction to the research;
  3. You will be asked to give only the information that is required for the purposes of the study;
  4. Information you give will be kept for the period of the study, and for no longer than two years beyond the life of the study;
  5. Your information will be processed in accordance with any wishes that you express at the commencement of the study;
  6. All data is kept on secure web servers and when transferred from the server to the researcher’s computer is encrypted;
  7. Data is stored in the European Union, and is not intended for distribution to any other body except any other organisation for whom we (or you) are working. Any data shared is anonymised;
  8. All data is stored and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act requirements and Ethical Research Policies of the relevant institution.