Our research is conducted into aspects of human behaviour. We may look at a range of issues such as human behaviour, learning approaches, preferences or habits. Research is undertaken by questionnaire, observation of behaviour, or interview.

We do not undertake any invasive research or the use of drugs or other medication, and do not agree with, nor support any aspect of animal testing.

  1. Any research being undertaken through a questionnaire on this website is supervised by an employee of BiviBag Education, so you can be sure that the requirements of the respective organisation have been fully met before you were asked to participate.
  2. If you left your email address for the purpose of confirmation of your identity, or for receiving the results of the study, your email address will not be disclosed to, nor passed on to any other organisation.
  3. Any data you agree to give is used in accordance with our data protection policy.
  4. Wherever possible, our research approach considers the following guidelines:
    1. We will describe the research aims and research methods;
    2. If there is any funding being used to support the research this will be clearly stated;
    3. Any possible conflicts of interest will be identified;
    4. The institutional affiliations of the researcher will be stated;
    5. Anticipated benefits of the study will be listed;
    6. There will be a statement describing how the results will be published and disseminated;
    7. Participant’s details will not be disclosed, and any responses made which are important to the outcomes of the study will be kept completely anonymous;
    8. If there are any potential risks of the study, a full risk assessment will be undertaken;
    9. Where the survey might lead to any discomfort, participants will be advised accordingly;
  5. At any time, research subjects may;
    1. Abstain from participation without giving reason;
    2. Withdraw consent to participate at any time, without penalty.