OpenLearn is BiviBag’s learning management system which allows you to either learn on-line, or to prepare for a training course by giving you details about the things you will find useful as a participant, and the opportunity to pre-learn materials.

OpenLearn (built on Moodle) is a facility which enables you to connect with colleagues, trainers, experts and to access materials and resources. When you register for a course with us we will send you a username, password and enrolment key so that you can access your learning resources.

In some cases you can pay for the course directly through the secure payment facility.
The course pages will help you to;

  • learn about the course,
  • identify the attendance requirements,
  • check the equipment or materials you need to bring with you,
  • access pre-reading, self tests and useful websites etc.

Once you have completed your training course, OpenLearn will provide access to courseware such as notes, videos, handouts etc.

You can log-in hereĀ