This is a list of recent projects that we’ve delivered:


Public and Civil Defence Agency (PACDA) Oman.

Project purpose: To deliver a refresher course to Emergency Medical Service Medical Educators covering all aspects of teacher education pedagogy for vocational and academic educators.
Method: Briefing from the UK Fire Service College led to the design of a training package which was agreed at the PACDA Training School and delivered over two weeks in Muscat, Oman.


British Council Malaysia

Project purpose: Following policy dialogue and round table discussion in Kuala Lumpur, to complete a report providing a strategic roadmap and recommendations for the Malaysian vocational education sector.
Method: Following the facilitation of the policy dialogue and round table discussion by Patrick Groves (Llandrillo Menai International) to assist with the completion of a report summarising key themes and discussions. The report captures varied approaches to skills development implemented at national/organisational level, and collates ideas raised for effective/new policy changes. Recommendations for progression, including a roadmap was provided.This was funded by British Council Malaysia


British Council with SEAMEO (Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization)

Project purpose: To develop essential leadership skills, while uniquely embedding an international dimension in the curriculum and ethos of a college.
Method: We supplied one of two UK experts experienced in the field of Vocational Education and Training college leadership, to conduct co-training with School Leadership trainers for 50 East Asia College Directors.This was funded by British Council with SEAMEO (Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization)


British Council / Thai Government Office of Vocational Education Commission (OVEC).

Project Purpose: To identify skills gaps and develop occupational standards, leading to the development of relevant qualifications
Method: We led a team of UK teachers to work with industry and Thai vocational students and teachers, from fifteen colleges across Thailand, to identify skills gaps and develop occupational standards. The occupational standards and understanding of employer needs will then be used to develop relevant qualifications. Teachers were trained in the principles of curriculum and qualification design.The project was co-funded by British Council Thailand through the UK ASEAN Knowledge Partnership fund, together with the Thai Office of Vocational Education Commission (OVEC).


University of Transport and
the Maritime Vocational College, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Project Purpose: To develop teaching and learning strategies to improve students’ employability skills.
Method: We spent a month online developing the courses with the senior managers at UT and MVC, and then delivered a training course to 39 students, mentoring the Vietnamese lecturers in the methods used. We then returned a month later and evaluated the impact of the training on the intended project outcomes. Further details can be found here. This was a British Council project


Chongqing School of Education, Chongqing, China

Project Purpose: To introduce active learning and learning technology concepts for teacher development.
Method: We designed a training plan which was then resourced with materials which were emailed to China for translation. The course was delivered to 35 lecturers from five colleges and two universities.This was a Welsh Assembly Government project.


Client: Pakistan Institute of
Tourism and Hospitality Management,Karachi, Pakistan.

Project purpose: To develop lesson planning and learning technology strategies.
Method: Because of the security situation, we delivered training in the UK to 11 lecturers from two colleges in Peshawar and Karachi. We then delivered a course in Karachi where we were joined by staff from both colleges.This was a British Council project.


Client: Hotelijersko turisticka Å¡kola Zagreb, Croatia

Project Purpose: To develop course and lesson planning skills, and learning technology strategies.
Method: Staff from Zagreb spent a week in the UK following the teaching methods used in vocational and academic areas. We then spent a week in Zagreb looking at how their courses could be delivered online. The courses were then created on Moodle and these were run as a pilot for a further nine months.This was a British Council project.