This course provides the underpinning support for the introductory teaching qualification which prepares learners for teaching and training in a wide range of contexts. There is no requirement to be in a teaching role for Unit 301 as assessment may be by observed microteaching. There is a requirement for a minimum of 30 hours teaching/training
practice and a minimum of three teaching/training practice observations, which must reach the required standard of practice.

To achieve the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training, candidates must achieve a minimum of 36 credits;

  • 21 credits must be achieved from the mandatory units in group A
  • Plus a minimum of 15 credits from optional units in group B

A minimum of 21 credits must be at Level 4 or above (therefore a minimum of 3 optional credits must be at level 4).

The modules are as follows:

Unit     Title  Core / Option
 Level  Credit  Guided Learning Hours *
Unit 301: Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in
Education and Training
A CORE  3  3  12 1 January 2018
Unit 401: Planning to meet the needs of learners in education and training A CORE  4  3  15  1 January 2018
Unit 402: Delivering education and training A CORE  4  6  24  1 January 2018
Unit 403: Assessing learners in education and training A CORE  4  6  24 1 January 2018
Unit 404: Using resources for education and training A CORE  4  6  24 1 January 2018
Unit 423: Teaching in a specialist area B option  4  15 50 1 January 2018
Unit 419: Preparing for the mentoring role B option  4  3  15  1 January 2018
Unit 505: Action Research B option  5  5  5o  1 January 2018

* What are ‘Guided Learning Hours’ ?

Guided learning hours are the times when a tutor or trainer is present to give
specific guidance towards the learning aim for a programme. This definition covers lectures, tutorials and supervised study in for example open learning centres and learning workshops. It also includes assessment by staff where learners are present.

  • It does not include time spent by staff marking assignments or homework where the learner is not present.
  • It does include the time prescribed for practical teaching activities, tutorials and assessment activities.